Cannabinoid MPHP 2201 and its scope

The lab name for MPHP is methyl (1-(5-fluoropentyl)-1h-indole-3-carbonyl) phenylalanine, with the chemical formula as C24H27FN203 and a mol weight of 410.49. MPHP is a research chemical that is known to be very potent as compared to other cannabinoids. Well, many buy research chemicals online and use them as hard drugs, especially this kind of cannabinoids.

Every time you browse through the net, especially on most darknet sites, you will always find research chemicals for sale. Mostly, they are not sold on open-air markets or any known chemists. People buy research chemicals online in as that’s the only profound secure way that the sellers can market these substances. You will even find most of the containers containing these substances marked as not for human consumption as their research did not approve their use on humans, as most of their research ended halfway.

A lot of people buy research chemicals China, especially cannabinoid-MPHP 2201 which is turning out to be a commonly used man-made weed.

Appearance and usage

Most research chemicals for sale online have MPHP as powder and some as crystals. To buy research chemicals online such as this MPHP 2201, the biggest argument is normally purity levels.

What cannabinoid MPHP does to the brain

MPHP 2201 is one of the most potent artificial weed ever. Just as other research chemicals, MPHP was used in research but people have since then used it as artificial-weed. These substances affect the same brain cells as the active altering substance found in weed. As a matter of fact, MPHP 2201 alterations to the brain are more adverse than the natural weed’s capacity. Here are some common effects of MPHP 2201:

  • Deformed perception

MPHP has extreme effects of altering someone’s senses and leading to poor perception of reality. People see things, hear sounds they want to hear instead of what is really happening. Simply, this is an inverted reality. It becomes hard for one to understand things when they have used MPHP. Well, for people with real-life problems, we can say that MPHP will reduce their reality for a few hours which could be a relaxing feeling.

  • Paranoia

These are the thoughts of fear, anxiety, and the feeling of persecution. MPHP 2201 is very much known to cause these feelings. One feels in a state of fear of stuff like persecution or betrayal. If you have friends who often take this substance, you will find them crying often with no valid reasons and it’s also very hard to convince them that what they feel is not true.

Is MPHP 2201 addictive?

Yes. Research has shown that this is a very addictive research chemical. Its potency is high thus it makes it impossible for people to use any other kind of cannabinoid with lower levels of potency. Consumers who use this artificial weed often say they are attached to it.

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